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We can paint almost anything that can be pushed, pulled, or rolled into our state of art paint facility which measures: 60' in length x 16' wide with 14' tall doors.

Examples include: 

- Concrete trucks (both mixers and               volumetrics)

- Road trucks / vehicles

​- Excavating vehicles
- Tanker vehicles (gas, propane, water,         etc...)
- Fracking / oil & gas vehicles

- Heavy machinery (tractors, front end         loaders, lifts, etc...)

​- Metal storage containers​

​- Propane tank

- Trash & recycling bins / dumpsters

- Generators

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What do we Paint?

Our paint facility is the only one of its kind in North Texas.  Our Indoor paint booth is 60’ in length x 16’ wide with 14’ tall doors.  Our professional painters hand spray only the top quality PPG products which is then baked in our 4 million BTU heated unit for a quick, consistent, and reliable curing process.  

We perform all aspects of the painting process on site in our state of the art facility including:

·Sandblasting and all preparation work.

·Mixing custom colors through our
  cutting-edge automated technology.

·Hand sprayed only by our PPG certified
  painting technicians.   

·Curing process in our 4 million BTU heated unit.




Walker Refurbishing has trained and registered employees to perform the required annual State Inspection on commercial vehicles.  With our attention to detail and minor repair services if needed, this is your one stop shop to meet your company needs and keep your truck on the road.  

DOT State Inspections


Interior and exterior refurbishment of your existing fleet provides cost effective restoration and improved performance, appearance, driver moral and DOT compliance.  We offer a variety of refurbishing services that fit your needs and budget.  Help your bottom line by keeping your current vehicles in service as well as reducing your ongoing maintenance costs without buying a new truck.  Feel confident again when driving by the DOT officers.  


Let us help you keep your image sparkling clean.  All kinds of trucks are welcome!

We offer detailing services of your choosing from inside to outside, cleaning or repainting interior parts to replacing them with new and everything in between.  Look good and feel good in your new again ride!